The Elements of ODR

Before the co-founders of RDO were platform developers, they were lawyers who were experiencing, firsthand, the challenges that dispute resolution posed to both litigants and stakeholders of the court.

So when they came together to build RDO, they did so from this niche, well-rounded vantage point that serves both sides. Each element that makes up the platform was specifically blueprinted to solve for challenges that run-of-the-mill online dispute resolution tools don’t account for – capabilities you’ll see below, like an AI Mediator bot or a settlement builder.

As your browse the key features list, think about how each of these unique elements work together to solve for your own practice’s challenges.

Case Management

Effortlessly view and manage all cases on your dispute resolution docket. 360-degree case management supports both represented and unrepresented multi-party actions.

Secure File Sharing

Encryption technology safeguards all data sharing, including case information and evidence.  

Encrypted Communication

End-to-end encryption protects messages, audio and video calls.

Justice On-The-Go

Access to justice means accessing what you need anytime, from anywhere. Log-in from your tablet, smartphone or other mobile device to take care of business when it’s convenient for you.

The Marketplace

Request new features, add more neutral parties, or purchase more case credits without any hassle via The Marketplace.


Enable your dispute resolution service to run on blockchain with immutable records created by our patent pending smart contract technology.

Settlement and Judgement Builder

Enable parties to make offers, either directly or through a mediator, and make it easy for Judges or arbitrators to post determinations with the support of our settlement builder tool.

Brand Integration

Integrate your branding, key processes and key content into your online dispute platform.

Statistics and KPI Reporting

Want a breakdown of the types of cases on your system? How long they take to resolve? What feedback clients are giving your service? Live KPI reporting gives you visibility into all of it.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Resolve high volume disputes allow our AI Mediator who can negotiate financial settlements.

Knowledge Base

Access our knowledge Base and even customise the content as your Service iterates and grows.

Workflow Builder

Create a bespoke automated or manual workflow around your key dispute resolution processes.