About Us & Our Vision

A team of international lawyers and technologists on one mission …


RDO’s technology has been built by lawyers, mediators and arbitrators from around the world who understand the need for greater access to justice and dispute resolution because they have experienced it themselves. RDO’s belief in effortless dispute resolution is reflected by its ‘birds on a wire’ logo. Dispute resolution, like birds chirping on a wire, should be easy and accessible.

Each year, 1 billion people need basic justice care, and each of us can expect a legal problem which will have ‘a major negative impact’ on our lives every 7 years. This is a serious issue. Most (60%) of problems are related to neighbors, employment, family, land and crime. And only 24% of legal problems that people have around the world ever get solved completely, with most of those solutions coming from a local or informal process.

Imagine if only 24% of medical problems were completely resolved? Or if only 24% of a country’s educational needs were completely fulfilled? There would be outrage and quite rightly too.

In 1215, the Magna Carta required “To no one deny, or delay right or justice”. Over 800 years later, this problem remains. That’s why access to justice is a UN sustainability goal. RDO is leading the charge to provide a global solution.