Online Dispute Resolution: Effortless Justice Accessible to All

Rebuilding justice from a physical place to virtual, at-your-fingertips space, Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) has unearthed a smoother landscape for both ADR experts and case participants to efficiently and easily resolve any type of dispute. Erasing the complexities of the court, removing in-person hostilities and providing at-your-convenience communication are just a few of the on-ramps ODR has built to put dispute resolution on the highway to streamlined settlements – turning cases around in merely hours or just a couple days as opposed to weeks or months.

Discover ODR in Your Cases

If you, like many, are wondering whether online dispute resolution is the right tool for your practice area – the answer is “yes!”

Our dispute resolution platform accounts for every step in the litigation lifecycle and can be configured to serve almost every case type. As a matter of fact, ODR includes specific capabilities that realize their full potential when applied under certain case types. From landlord-tenant and traffic law to divorce, child support and even misdemeanors, ODR equips your practice to manage high-volume cases with ease and efficiency.

The Elements of ODR

You already know that virtual dispute resolution solves many of the barriers to justice: managing case resolution in between work and family, de-escalating hostile environments, removing courthouse intimidation, and faster case turnaround, just to name a few. But how?

We’re glad you asked! 360-degree case management displays all cases from an intuitive dashboard where mediators and case parties alike can quickly upload and exchange documentation, respond to instant messages, host secure video calls, make online payments, check notifications, and more. Closing the case is just as fluid with an online settlement builder and electronic signature integrations, which make posting determinations as easy as one click.

User-First Approaches

Guided by a user-first approach, the ODR solution meets the individualized needs of all parties involved.


Built-in ODR processes provide for every step of litigation.

Seamlessly integrative with existing case management systems.

Mobility features provide anytime access to justice for citizens through smartphones or tablets.

DR Centers

Offer negotiation, mediation and arbitration in one platform.

Analyze and capture key metrics about your service.

360-degree case management supports case load balance and makes it easy to allocate cases or tasks.

Solo Practitioners

Market and extend your practice across cities and beyond borders.

Manage and run your own ODR service from one place.

Show off your branding and provide proper governance while managing your online dispute service.

Higher Education

Give students a technological advantage by introducing them to the latest and future opportunities of dispute resolution technology.

Refine and hone students’ mediation and arbitration skills with digital dispute resolution tools.

Provide live and recorded feedback to students with one click.

What Does ODR Mean to You?

Our favorite part about talking ODR is hearing what it’s done for you. Celebrate our customer stories by reading through their experiences below.

“Resolve Disputes Online is a comprehensive case management and dispute resolution platform with much flexibility between mediation and arbitration. Essentially with this software you could run a comprehensive private online court.”

“Similar court-annexed and non-court-annexed platforms such as RDO are being adopted in Singapore and other advanced jurisdictions.”

“RDO is well designed and the requirements of lawyers and mediators are built in and form part of the foundations of the system. This contrasts with some systems which appear to me to have been built by IT or software experts who then add in such requirements at a later stage.”

“RDO’s online dispute resolution technology is easy to use. Installation and setup were straightforward and it is compatible across several browsers. The mediation module user interface is clean and intuitive, making it easy to identify and access a variety of online features.”

“I love RDO’s simplicity. Being able to pull up a document or a conversation at the touch of a button in real time, whilst still holding dialogue with the client is a bonus for our industry.”

“After testing many different ODR programs, I say RDO is an exceptional platform, robust, easy to use with potential to be scaled. It provides an elegant out of the box solution to ADR practitioners who are looking to embrace what is becoming an important part of the ADR world.”

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