Making Justice Effortless and Accessible

Resolve Disputes Online is dispute resolution software as a service empowering ADR experts, courts and tribunals with innovative technology to improve access to justice around the world.

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Increasing Access to Justice – One Click at a Time

Developed by and for dispute resolution experts, our ODR solution equips all parties involved with the capacity to achieve completely digital, end-to-end dispute resolution.

Complete with secure and orderly case management, intuitive dispute resolution tools and insightful data analytics, each case is met with care, thoroughly investigated and efficiently brought to a close.

How do we balance comprehensive case management and quick turnaround? With our fully-equipped toolbox of functionality, including:

Case Management

Effortlessly view and manage all cases on your dispute resolution docket. 360-degree case management supports both represented and unrepresented multi-party actions.

Secure File Sharing

Encryption technology safeguards all data sharing, including case information and evidence.  

Encrypted Communication

End-to-end encryption protects messages, audio and video calls.

Justice On-The-Go

Access to justice means accessing what you need anytime, from anywhere. Log-in from your tablet, smartphone or other mobile device to take care of business when it’s convenient for you.

The Marketplace

Request new features, add more neutral parties, or purchase more case credits without any hassle via The Marketplace.


Enable your dispute resolution service to run on blockchain with immutable records created by our patent pending smart contract technology.

Settlement and Judgement Builder

Enable parties to make offers, either directly or through a mediator, and make it easy for Judges or arbitrators to post determinations with the support of our settlement builder tool.

Brand Integration

Integrate your branding, key processes and key content into your online dispute platform.

Statistics and KPI Reporting

Want a breakdown of the types of cases on your system? How long they take to resolve? What feedback clients are giving your service? Live KPI reporting gives you visibility into all of it.

User-First Approaches

Guided by a user-first approach, the ODR solution meets the individualized needs of all parties involved.


Built-in ODR processes provide for every step of litigation.

Seamlessly integrative with existing case management systems.

Mobility features provide anytime access to justice for citizens through smartphones or tablets.

DR Centers

Offer negotiation, mediation and arbitration in one platform.

Analyze and capture key metrics about your service.

360-degree case management supports case load balance and makes it easy to allocate cases or tasks.

Solo Practitioners

Market and extend your practice across cities and beyond borders.

Manage and run your own ODR service from one place.

Show off your branding and provide proper governance while managing your online dispute service.

Higher Education

Give students a technological advantage by introducing them to the latest and future opportunities of dispute resolution technology.

Refine and hone students’ mediation and arbitration skills with digital dispute resolution tools.

Provide live and recorded feedback to students with one click.


“Resolve Disputes Online is a comprehensive case management and dispute resolution platform with much flexibility between mediation and arbitration. Essentially with this software you could run a comprehensive private online court.”

“Similar court-annexed and non-court-annexed platforms such as RDO are being adopted in Singapore and other advanced jurisdictions.”

“RDO is well designed and the requirements of lawyers and mediators are built in and form part of the foundations of the system. This contrasts with some systems which appear to me to have been built by IT or software experts who then add in such requirements at a later stage.”

“RDO’s online dispute resolution technology is easy to use. Installation and setup were straightforward and it is compatible across several browsers. The mediation module user interface is clean and intuitive, making it easy to identify and access a variety of online features.”

“I love RDO’s simplicity. Being able to pull up a document or a conversation at the touch of a button in real time, whilst still holding dialogue with the client is a bonus for our industry.”

“After testing many different ODR programs, I say RDO is an exceptional platform, robust, easy to use with potential to be scaled. It provides an elegant out of the box solution to ADR practitioners who are looking to embrace what is becoming an important part of the ADR world.”